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The Pros of Including Cannabis in Your Exercise Routine

Mar 9

Colorado is well-known for two things: its cannabis industry and its healthy populace. But what if you combined the two? The advantages of exercising out when inebriated are many and diverse. Exercising while high on cannabis has been shown in studies to lower heart rate, decrease physical discomfort, and stimulate endorphin production. Working out while high, when paired with cannabis topicals for healing, is a wonderful method to keep in shape without experiencing pain or fatigue afterwards!

A Whole New Meaning for "Runner's High"

When people hear the term "stoner," they frequently have preconceived notions. Furthermore, no athletes are seen in the shot. There's usually a couch, a pizza box, and an episode of Family Guy.

The cannabis community, on the other hand, is attempting to reverse that image by putting on their running shoes and getting off the couch! The advantages of exercising out when inebriated are many and diverse. Exercising while high on cannabis has been shown in studies to lower heart rate, decrease physical discomfort, and stimulate endorphin production.

The Truth About Stoner Athletes

According to health-trend research, reality does not often mirror the couch-bound stoner picture we have in our imaginations. Cannabis smokers, according to US experts, have a leaner physique than non-users. Eighty percent of cannabis users say they consume it before or after exercise. Furthermore, as compared to non-users, persons who combine cannabis usage with fitness regimes work out an average of 138 minutes per week against 124 minutes.

These figures imply that there must be a distinct benefit to combining cannabis ingestion with physical exercise. (After all, few people laud the virtues of exercising when drunk.

Does Working Out While High Or Sober Affect Performance?

People who routinely exercise and use cannabis think it makes it more enjoyable. This is hardly unexpected given how enjoyable cannabis makes most activities. Furthermore, it seems to reason that if something is more delightful, people would engage in it more fervently and for a longer period of time. As a consequence, training is more complete and extended.

Many users also report that smoking cannabis before going to work causes them to enter a meditative state, exert more energy, and work until they are physically exhausted rather than merely fatigued.

Others report that by being more aware of their body, they may concentrate on their running technique or particular muscle groups. Working out when inebriated may so produce calm and serve as a kind of meditation in and of itself.

Cannabis' Effects On Your Muscles When You Exercise

Some believe that using cannabis before exercising has an effect on how their bodies feel afterwards. Cannabis use may make exercise less physically difficult if it relaxes the user. Tight muscles during activity are well known to enhance susceptibility to pain and damage.

Cannabis may have an effect on more than just how one feels immediately after working out; there are major long-term advantages as well. According to one study, those who had used cannabis for at least six years were substantially less likely to gain weight.

A Beneficial Exercise Recovery Method

All of this makes sense, and it certainly explains why consuming cannabis while working out is appealing, but some research shows there may be more to it than these coincidental events.

There isn't a lot of controlled research on marijuana with exercise right now. This is due to government prohibitions on cannabis research as well. Others contend that endocannabinoids, in principle, contribute to the euphoric effects of exercise.

After exercise, the endocannabinoid molecule anandamide levels in the participants' blood increased, according to a 2003 study. Because cannabis targets comparable receptors, it stands to reason that THC makes acquiring a "runner's high" after working out simpler than it would be otherwise.

Cannabis Use Before Exercise

Some cannabis products are not recommended for use before exercise since they provide a stronger "high" than others. Some users argue that edibles are the ideal choice for a stoned workout since they have a slower onset and have fewer distracting effects on coordination.

Others notice that attempting to eat something pleasant while attempting to get in a morning exercise or between leaving the office and dinner is just not feasible.

There is substantial discussion regarding whether sativa or indica strains are preferable for folks who want to smoke or vape cannabis before working out.

Indicas usually induce a heavy body sensation that some people find distracting while exercising, but they are also frequently associated with relaxation and lowered anxiety, which may be beneficial before exercise. Because sativas are more energetic, it is probable that they may produce an uncomfortable case of racing heart in certain people.

There is no right or wrong answer; it all depends on what best fits your needs and circumstances.

Working out while high also boosts the efficacy of marijuana for muscle recovery since it allows for a deeper endorphin release after exercise and improves overall physiological wellbeing.

Guidelines for Exercising While High

Here are some tips for taking marijuana while exercising:

A high THC dose may be distracting rather than soothing, so avoid it before or during exercise.

  • Take your time. When you first start smoking cannabis, start with a little dose and gradually increase it. You truly don't know how your body will respond till you try it.
  • Avoid taking any additional substances, such as coffee or alcohol, before working out. This may help you mentally prepare for exercise as well as providing the support you need to recuperate afterwards.
  • Make sure that you are in a secure environment. You may wish to avoid going to the gym until after your first workout. Examine it at home or on a short neighborhood run. Also, avoid running in highly wooded regions. Exercise at an area where you can get assistance if you need it.
  • Consider CBD for post-workout pain, inflammation, stiffness, and muscular cramping (more on this below).
  • Water is also a crucial consideration! Marijuana's diuretic effects may cause dehydration, so remain hydrated before, during, and after your workout.

Marijuana's Effects on the Body Following Exercise

If you believe that taking marijuana while working out may be too much for you or too dangerous for your preferred type of exercise, there are other ways to get the advantages of marijuana. A variety of non-psychoactive medicinal cannabis components, including CBD, have been demonstrated to help with post-workout pain reduction and muscle regeneration.

Muscle Recovery with CBD

CBD and marijuana may both make working out more pleasurable for you, both before and after you finish. CBD's anti-inflammatory properties allow it to alleviate the aches and pains associated with daily exercise. As a result, people may recover faster and with less pain after engaging in strenuous activities.

CBD products may be consumed orally as a tincture or used topically as a lotion or cream before and after exercise. Among the effects of CBD for muscle regeneration are:

  • Anti-inflammatory qualities that may aid in the reduction of inflammation and discomfort after exercise.
  • Reducing lactic acid accumulation in the muscles, which decreases post-exercise pain.
  • CBD also has antimicrobial properties that are beneficial to the skin. As a consequence, if you're thinking about using CBD for post-workout recuperation, it may also assist to lower the risk of skin infections caused by wiping perspiration on an unclean towel.

Fitness Supplements for Cannabis Users

Cannabis-based supplements for sports are a new and rapidly expanding sector. The majority of supplements include both CBD and other cannabis-derived chemicals. Depending on the athlete's demands, these supplements may be used to provide them an edge or a means to take medication without becoming inebriated.

Because this sector is so new, there hasn't been much study done on these items and how they're utilized. One study found that the advantages of CBD for brain injury and recovery seemed to assist in lowering inflammation caused by exercise as well as stiffness caused by injuries.

Marijuana pills are often utilized as pre-workout stimulants. Athletes use them to concentrate and raise energy levels before exercises.

It's likely that marijuana and utilizing marijuana to become fit were made for each other. While not everyone should use cannabis as part of their regimen, those who do benefit from utilizing CBD lotions or tinctures before or after doing out to decrease inflammation, pain, and muscular cramps. Another advantage of marijuana is that it reduces post-exercise pain, which is particularly essential given that CBD has been demonstrated to improve muscle regeneration and post-gym pain alleviation. If you need extra energy before working out but don't want to go high, CBD pills might be the answer. 

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