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D8THC and CBD Ratios

Jan 8

The benefits of Cannabinoid Ratio Products

Ever walked into a dispensary to have the budtender recommend you a "1 to 1"? He or She says, "it's half CBD, half D8THC" and you respond: "why would I want to mix something into my THC that will dilute the high"?

Well, if you've thought something similar in the past - you will come to find out that it's simply not true. 

CBD: The Great Equalizer

CBD has been shown to significantly affect the high from THC. Sometimes, if one's too intoxicated off of THC, a bit of CBD can help sober one up... but it also has a different effect at certain ratios - most notably, 1 CBD to 1 THC. This combo usually manifests in euphoric, energetic but calming highs - very distinct from traditional high THC - LOW CBD cannabis.

This is beneficial for people looking for pain relief without overwhelming psychoactive effects.

It's great to include 1 to 1's into your daily cannabinoid regimen. And it's equally vital to remember that these blends are still psychoactive, but the effects should be felt as unique and without the same expectation of traditional THC.

Can any Cannabinoid Mix be made into a "Ratio"?

Yes, and the effects vary. For example, we're primarily talking about CBD in this article, but CBN has been known to be a potent sleeping agent on its own - when combined with other cannabinoids, the sleepy effect might change in a subtle way, but it would still retain this core trait. 

Another example, in the case of 1 CBN to 1 THC - the combo would most likely yield a potent psychoactive effect that leads into a deep gentle sleep. If it was the other way around, and if it was only CBN - then it would manifest as a more calming, sedating, and sleepy experience - minus the strong psychoactive power of the THC.

Where can I find Cannabinoid Ratio blends like D8THC - CBD Online?

We highly recommend Herbal Society. They sell all sorts of cannabinoid products like Delta 8-THC Tinctures, D8THC Vape Cartridges, D8THC Edibles, D8THC Dabs, HHC Tinctures + more!

Herbal Society sells online, and delivers to all 50 states in the USA!

Another option would be visiting your local Medical Marijuana Dispensary and asking around.


Don't let people tell you CBD sucks, it doesn't! By itself, it has potent therapeutic properties, but it doubly shines when it's combined in a ratio like 1 CBD to 1 D8THC. So give CBD a chance, mix it up with some other cannabinoids and see how it makes you feel! This writer's favorite combo is 1 CBN to D8THC.

Over and out.

- Rachel Sativa